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Production from October to June.

The Broccoli has attracted attention in the scientific world from always. It also provides vitamins C and E, iron, calcium, glucosinolates, beta carotene (Some red meats block he iron of the vegetables and this cannot be absorbed by the organism, the beta caroteno serves in order that the organism absorbs all the iron of this vegetable). Therefore, it is known as the “anti-cancer vegetable”

When buying this product, you have to choose the pieces with completely green and compact color. It can be kept in the refrigerator unwashed several days to prepare salads, steamed, boiled, etc. It is a diuretic product decreases the carcinogenic effects of smoke snuff, has been classified by the National Cancer Institute as the first vegetable with anti-cancer properties, used to treat myopia and eye inflammations, it helps reduce childhood infections.

The Broccoli acts in the prevention of diseases such as anemia due to its high iron content, to increase iron levels need to consume two to three servings weekly broccoli. Iron deficiency causes fatigue, immune system disorders, trouble concentrating. This vegetable prepares the organism against cancers of breast, prostate, mouth, lung, ovary, vagina, stomach, colon.