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Our company has extensive experience in horticulture. OrganicAger was founded in 2011 and it is dedicated to the cultivation, handling and marketing of Fruits and Vegetables organic and conventional.

Our goal is health care, ensuring our customers healthier products, with the best flavor, aroma, consistency and high quality.

In our company we believe in the need to maintain and transmit to future generations the wonderful biodiversity of our planet. For this reason, we focus on fruits and vegetables.

The support and commitment to organic farming systems and environmental sustainability are part of our responsibilities as a company.

In our company we strictly comply with the regulations of the European Union on marketing and labeling of organic farming products.

The transport of products is carried out ensuring the preservation of the specific qualities of organic products and optimizing logistics networks to produce the least impact on the environment.

We focus on seasonality of products to maintain their natural qualities of maturity, freshness and flavor.